MDS M515 Rock Trommel Review

The MDS M515 Rock Trommel is a machine capable of cleaning tough dirty material as well as screening rocks up to 800mm in size. This model also comes with fold-out stockpiling conveyors and tracks for maneuverability. The main problem encountered by our customers in wet or dry environments is the instance of dirty material and screen clogging. Dirty material clogging traditional screens impedes production capacity and revenue flow. With the M515 Rock Trommel, this problem is better mitigated.


  •  Perfect for cleaning dirty material and can handle rocks up to 800mm (32″) in size.
  • A capacity of 320-450 Tonnes per hour (350-500 US Tons per hour)
  • Comes complete with fold out stockpiling conveyors.
  • Ideal for moving around the quarry and from one site to the next.
  • Welded or Changeable screens 5,5m (18ft) with 2 sections 1500mm (4ft11″) internal diameter.
  • Huge 96kw (129HP) CAT 4.4 Diesel Engine
  • All-terrain Heavy Duty High Torque tracks.
  • Jack-raising/lowering chassis.

We currently have a brand new M515 Mobile Trommel at our Bibra Lake Facility in Western Australia ready for immediate sale, hire or demonstration anywhere in WA, NT or SA.


  • Armour, Gabion, Basket rock production.
  • Scalping tough/sticky materials.
  • Wet/sloppy feed material.
  • Demolition material recycling.
  • Large feed size screening without the need for primary crushing.

MDS M515 Case study 1: Dublin

A Dublin-based quarry company, processing a lot of overburden had trouble with sticky material clogging up screen media. The overburden had mixed with a harsh combination of limestone and clay. This made the material unsuitable for feeding into their crushing setup. Thus, the company needed to produce a cleaner product.
By adopting the M515 Trommel, the company was able to clean the overburden. Allowing them to achieve a tonnage outcome well over 400TPH. In addition, the trommel was able to clean material for feeding into a crusher setup.

MDS M515 Case study 2: North Carolina

In a case study from North Carolina, a company approached an MDS representative for a solution to rip rap material production.
Previous efforts using stationary grids were time-consuming and expensive. Stunted production and double handling of products decreased effectiveness.
Thus, by deploying the M515 Trommel, it allowed for more effective sizing and cleaning of material. With a capacity of 800mm in rock size, the trommel was able to produce a saleable product with larger tonnages. Addressing the issues of clogging, double handling and increased costs are some of the primary issues addressed by the M515 trommel.

MDS M515 Case Study 3: Norstone 

A Norwegian company was approached by a multi-national company to provide a machine capable of handling granite material for the production of armour rock. Having never used a heavy duty trommel in any operation, they were skeptical. Within an hour of the demonstration, however, they had settled on the M515 as the solution to their problems.

An incredible cold climate in Norway, combined with the abrasive material meant that only the toughest machine would suit the job. Ultimately, the machine was able to produce 425TPH on incredibly punishing granite material. Thus far exceeding the originally calculated predictions.

MDS M515 Case Study 4: London

An independent company working within the aggregates and quarrying sector had trouble processing contaminated building waste and topsoil. At the time, their scalping screen could not effectively clean or handle the size of the machine in question. To solve this problem, they had an M515 Trommel delivered to site. Within an hour it was clear they had made the right decision.

Before the introduction of the M515 machine, the client had to rescreen product, costing time and money. However, with its introduction into the circuit, they were able to effectively screen and clean material. In fact, the M515 was so efficient in processing the material that the 20-ton excavator feeding the machine could not keep up with it, and a 40-ton excavator needed to be brought in. The cleaned and material was then fed into a jaw crusher from the Trommel, achieving up to 450TPH.

The M515 Trommel In Action

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Case Study – MDS M515 Rock Trommel

The MDS M515 Rock Trommel is a machine capable of cleaning tough dirty material as well as screening rocks up to 800mm in size. This model also comes with fold-out stockpiling conveyors and tracks for maneuverability.