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Telestack TS58 Telescopic Stockpiler

TS58 Telescopic Stockpiler

The TS-58 Radial Telescopic Stacker offers a unique material handling solution for the Quarrying, Mining, and Rail Transportation industries and can also be utilised in Ports & Inland Terminals for Ship/Barge Loading and Unloading. The radial, telescopic and luffing features allows the operator full control when stockpiling a range of materials whilst eliminating segregation, degradation, contamination and compaction of material. The innovative design allows for up to +30% larger stockpile capacity when compared to conventional fixed length conveyor systems.


  • Can be packed into 40ft containers, which ensures easy and cost effective transport around the globe. On site assembly 1 – 2 week.
  • Conveying material reduces dust levels, noise levels and carbon footprint.
  • Conveying material eliminates the high cost of dump truck or shovel haulage and is the most cost-efficient and environmentally sound method of material transfer.
  • Increased production capacities
  • Lower capital investment
  • Flexible and reliable mobile material handling equipment
  • Reduced labour and operator costs
  • Eliminate segregation, degradation, contamination and compaction.
  • Minimal civils’ and planning permission required as it is mobile equipment.
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