Project Description

TS 36-140 Mobile Stockpiling Conveyor

The TS 36-140 AggStack radial telescopic conveyor offers a unique material handling solution for the Ports (Ship / Barge Loading and Unloading), Quarrying, Mining and Rail Transportation industries. The flexibility and efficiency of this equipment means it can be used in many applications long or short term. This versatility also means improved resale value when the project is finished as it is open to many different markets.

Typical Applications

Primary Applications / Materials:

  • Stockpiling (Automatically) from secondary crushers and screens. Both static and mobile. Typically working in a sand pit / quarry application
  • Stockpiling crushed stone, sand and gravel, road base / various construction aggregates.

Secondary Applications / Materials:

  • Stockpiling construction and demolition waste, top soil, mulch, compost, coal, grain, wood chip and wood pellet.
  • Receiving crushed material and stockpiling safely over a quarry face/bench.
  • Ship loading directly to vessels. (No Chutes)
  • Loading directly to trucks or rail wagons.
  • Telescopic mobile link conveyor.

Key Advantages

  • Can be packed into 40ft containers/Euroliners, which ensures easy and cost effective transport around the globe. On site assembly 1 – 2 week.
  • Conveying material reduces dust levels, noise levels and carbon footprint.
  • Conveying material eliminates the high cost of dump truck or shovel haulage and is the most cost-efficient and environmentally sound method of material transfer.
  • Increased production capacities
  • Production rates of up to 800 Tonnes per hour (880 Tons Per Hour)
  • Flexible and reliable mobile material handling equipment
  • Reduced labour and operator costs
  • Reduced energy consumption (All electric conveyor)
  • Eliminate segregation, degradation, contamination and compaction.
  • Minimal civil’s and planning permission required as it is mobile equipment.
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