Project Description

Mobile Picking/Sorting Station

The Kiverco Mobile Picking Station separates, sorts and recovers recyclables or removes contaminants from any product or waste stream in any location. It offers windsifting of light fractions, manual sorting of up to six products and metal recovery – all in a single mobile unit. The mobile picking station is ideal for contractors and operators who require super-fast on-site and on-the-road mobility to efficiently carry out their waste processing & recovery operations in any location as demand and capacity requires. The Kiverco Mobile Picking Station can be used on its own or integrated with crushing, shredding and screening equipment to provide a complete mobile waste recovery facility.


  • Construction and Demolition Waste
  • Aggregates Recycling
  • Commercial and Industrial Waste
  • Waste from Old Landfills / Dumpsites
  • Soil Remediation / Asbestos removal
  • Green waste / Compost


  • Recyclables eg. Wood, plastic, card
  • Removal of contaminants
  • Clean end products eg. clean stone, compost
  • Light fractions to RDF through air separation eg. paper and plastic
  • Ferrous metals through magnetic separation
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