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Fixed Rockbreaker Boss-Large

Standing at a maximum of over 25 feet tall and weighing over 100,000 pounds, The TRX Series Rockbreaker Systems are the
world’s largest rockbreaker for applications requiring high strength, reach, and power at gyratory crushers and grizzly sites.
The rockbreaker’s working range is 46 to 64 feet (14 to 20 meters) on a 330-degree swing turntable-style pedestal, offering maximum control of the boom for increased safety. The TRX Series is ideally suited for 8,500 ft-lb to 16,000 ft-lb (8 500 to 21 500 joules) hydraulic breakers. BTI Rockbreaker Systems are engineered for maximum life using finite element analysis software (FEA) in all raking and breaking functions.


• Fully enclosed box housing; reduces vibration back to the boom.
• Anti blank fire interlock selector; reduces stress on breaker

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