Project Description

FillSafe™ Overfill Protection System

In today’s competitive business world you cannot afford to waste fuel and time. Protecting the safety of staff and the environment is paramount. As the Pioneers of Unified Fuel Management, Banlaw have developed Banlaw FillSafe™ to allow you to transfer fuel and other liquids safely and efficiently. Banlaw FillSafe™ ensures zero overfill, zero tank pressure and zero spillage during refuelling in any environment. Rates of more than 1000 litres (264 gallons) per minute can be achieved with no increase in tank pressure. Banlaw FillSafe™ is fully electronic and automatic, making it a more reliable system. Banlaw FillSafe™ is fully integrated and designed to be a low maintenance asset to all client refuelling applications. The system components terminate fuel flow once the tank is full. Banlaw FillSafe™ removes the guesswork and manual checking of tank levels when refuelling.

Advantages for Your Business

Eliminate the risk of fuel spillage or tank rupture during the refuelling process

  • Increases efficiency through faster refuelling times
  • Reduce contaminants entering the tank
  • Reduce maintenance costs and extend the working life of fuel tanks
  • Reduce Occupational Health & Safety related risks from spillages, staff manually checking tanks, and from fire

Installed onto a variety of mining and rail equipment including:

  • Freight and passenger diesel locomotives
  • Excavators/shovels
  • Haul trucks
  • Bulk fluid storage tanks
  • Mobile service trucks
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