Project Description

Dry Break Refuelling System


Banlaw nozzles perform extremely well in some of the harshest working conditions in the world. You can depend on Banlaw nozzles to do the job with a proven safety record of the dependable ball locking mechanism ensuring the nozzle cannot ‘fly off’, risking the safety of the refuelling operator. Banlaw nozzles are designed with the operator of the field task in mind. The products are easy to carry and manouver, yet robust and reliable.

When refuelling at ground level, an automatic cut-off means the Banlaw nozzle is easier to use and the refuelling operators don’t risk climbing onto vehicles, thus reducing the chance of worker injury and compensation. The Banlaw Dry Break Automatic cut-off system reduces the risk of fuel spills during the refuel process. This results in a refuelling area free from fuel related safety slip hazards. Fitting over load arms, nozzle holsters and nozzle anchors also eliminates trip hazards from ground stored hoses. With a 2” bore, Banlaw nozzles have the highest industry flow rates capability, reducing refuelling times. The choice of 5 shut-off pressure settings allow faster refuelling times flexible solutions to the most complex refuelling problems. The Banlaw nozzle is repairable, not disposable; they are robust and last considerably longer in the field and can reduce refuelling times. Basically, it costs less in the long run and is built to last.

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